To meet your needs for mobile and emergency lighting, Luminite is the product of choice.

    Luminite is the inflatable light tower created especially to meet portable lighting needs. Luminite provides 3600 glare free lighting over an area the size of a football field. The well-lit area provided by Luminite lowers the risk of injury and accidental death by providing a safe and bright working environment at night. Luminite is in particular high demand for emergency response, construction work and public events. The Luminite tower is easy to transport. One person can install it in just three minutes.


    Luminite, the patented inflatable light tower meeting high quality standards

    Luminite is the internationally patented inflatable light tower. It is the only inflatable tower produced and sold in North America to meet Canadian and U.S. norms. The Luminite tower complies with NFPA, NEC and CSA SPE-1000 standards.

    Luminite stands out on the market for its performance, quality, durability and ease of use.

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