Accessories and spare parts


Interchangeable custom banners may be installed on the Luminite tower, making Luminite a highly visible rallying point. Banners can also turn Luminite into illuminated advertising panels, which can be installed in a jiffy. They can also be used for directing traffic, avoiding congested areas or standing out at events.

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Lumisource G2Ki Generator

This generator is built to support Luminite amperage, ease of portability and extend its running time for about four hours continuously. Lumisource, is a quiet 2000-watt power unit, and is a competitive high-quality product.

Ground Support

This accessory helps stabilize the portable light tower on unstable surfaces, whether hard or soft, including asphalt, concrete, sand or grass. For example, the Ground Support is used in airport terminals to stabilize Luminite in a windy environment.

Telescopic Pole

Built to be use with the Ground Support and Transportation Rack, this accessory can support Luminite in case of power failure, securing the inflatable light and keeping it upright when not in operation.

Transportation Rack

A sturdy base for setting up Luminite on a transportation vehicle such as a fire truck or in the bed of a pick-up.

Coming Soon

A convenient tool to transport the Luminite light tower and the Lumisource G2Ki generator together.


An HID 875 W bulb reaches up to 4,0000K and 95,000 lm. It provides excellent colour rendering with an IRC of 68. This appealing light is from a Type O UV bulb, meaning that it can be used outdoors and provides UV protection, avoiding damage to the tube. The bulb is also modified for specific use with the Luminite tower. It is solid and non-flammable.

The bulb is the only part of the Luminite tower that can be replaced by the user. This is easy to do.

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