Patents and Standards


Luminite, invented by Venice native Guido Medici, was awarded a patent of originality in 1999 by the European Patent Office.

To guarantee the product’s quality and performance a series of studies were conducted to produce a light tower with an internal pressure level optimized for vertical inflation of a load-bearing structure including controlled deflation. Safety systems, temperature, wind resistance and flammability were among the elements tested.

Meeting Standards

In addition, Luminite is the only inflatable light tower produced and sold in North America to meet Canadian and U.S. standards.

Luminite is built to meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC), allowing the light to be used in wet areas. Furthermore it is non-flammable, with the CSA SPE-1000 coding. It is the perfect addition to rescue and first response teams operating at night or in the dark.

This inflatable light tower stands out in the market with its guarantee of unsurpassed quality.

International patent PCT/IT/99/33
US Patent 6,332,230 B1
Canadian patent 2,323,579
by Guido Medici – EIL Systems – Italy

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