The Luminite inflatable light tower is a reliable, high-performance tool that meets all your mobile lighting needs for a broad range of situations and circumstances. Furthermore, Luminite provides a safe and bright working environment; it is often used for emergencies, night work, public events, and film production.

The Lighting Solutions in a Broad Range of Situations

  • Emergency services (ambulance operators, firefighters, police forces, etc.)
  • Hazardous material spill sites and large disaster areas
  • Road response
  • Field hospitals and emergency camps or refugees
  • Police investigations
  • Power blackouts
  • Confined spaces, indoor responses
  • Military
Night Work
  • Construction work
  • Mining or oil operations and on-site work
  • Traffic direction
  • Farm production
  • Site identification (reception offices, rallying points, etc.)
  • Lighting of dangerous areas
Public Events and Film Production
  • Festivals
  • Major shows and events
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Showrooms
  • Night filming
  • Site identification for crowds (information offices, security, washrooms, stands, etc.)

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